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Lomo selfie in Beijing
Diana Mini. Beijing Winter 2012.

Lomo selfie in Beijing. Winter 2012.

So, after 6 years spent wandering around China, in the middle of the rise of a multitude of microblogging platforms and closed social networks, witnessing the sunset of blogs as the main form of expression in the World Wide Web, with awful perfect timing, I finally decided to set up this Blog.

I’m an italian Beijing-based designer, which means, for how I see it, that despite me being (ethnically and to a certain degree also culturally) italian I can’t accept the idea of being entangled into the definition of being an italian designer. Having lived in Beijing for the past six years of my life (which counts for the most of my adult life), working and studying in the architecture and design fields, I gained some knowledge on what’s going on in this part of the World, especially regarding how things are planned, realized and communicated. Now, because I’m a strong believer in the collective intelligence tools the Internet has empowered us, I feel like the time has come to share some thoughts on how this very populated continent is rapidly evolving today; this is why I’m here bothering you with this Blog. There is an other reason for blogging, which is to give a pace to my work and intellectual life, forcing myself to re-organize and give some sense to all the mess of the everyday commitments and randomness. 

So what will I write about? First of all I feel the need to apologize for my broken-english grammar mistakes, for my off-topic posts, for my Chinese posts, for my Italian posts, and last but not least for all the nonsense I’ll might be writing on my future posts. Anyway, if you are here, there is a good possibility you already had a look at my personal Website, in the case you didn’t, do it now, I will wait for you to come back here and finish to read my first article. But if you did, you should already have an idea of what this blog is all about: once again, design + architecture + communication. And while I hope to also touch some other topics  like [Italian and/or Chinese] politics and news, this blog will mostly focus on design, rapid prototyping and new media in China, from my very own perspective and I hope to take the chance to also give some insights on my design works, my photography shots, and the design exposition I’m working at.

I strongly encourage feedback and even disagreement so for any question, comment or insult please write in the comment field under my posts by logging into Disqus. Else you can get in touch with me through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or by email: michele.galeotto[at]gmail.com or info[at]michelegaleotto.com.

Thanks for reading. Peace.