About Design Hotpot

Design Hotpot is a blog launched in early 2014 by Michele Galeotto 明凯.

It aspires to be an accessible source for Chinese creatives of all kinds -advertisers, designers, etc.- as well as casual China watchers. It was conveived in the intent to describe how Chinese policy makers, artists, designers and media practitioners are transforming Chinese consumerland and redefining a Chinese taste.

In China the term ‘creative’ has captured the imagination of liberal minded thinkers, small businesses and grassroots organizations, but has yet to impact how things are not just made, but also designed in China. Design Hotpot hopes document this transition, casting new light on Chinese creative lives.

About Michele Galeotto

Michele Galeotto

I’m a creative. And I believe creativity is about enriching people’s lives with meaningful stories. Mine begun about 30 years ago in Italy, and has kept me in China since I first moved in 2007.

My full Mandarin proficiency, together with my natural curiousity, allowed me to gain a deep understanding of consumer behaviour trends happening within China. My time in Beijing, Milan and Shanghai has given me the opportunity to work across many different fields ranging from exhibition design, creative marketing, landscape design, interactive installations, retail design, and graphic design, and I have been honored to work with some of the most forward-thinking companies.


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